Volunteer Program

Help Make Our Volunteer Program a Success

The goal of the Team Coastal Volunteer Program is to reduce the stress of our clients we serve by providing them the information and resources needed to live healthy and full lives. Our volunteer program is the perfect way to become more active in the community and help others while making a real impact.

Find the Perfect Volunteer Role for Your Skills

Through committed volunteer engagement, we can meet our goal. Some volunteers simply provide companionship, while others are trained to assist Medicare beneficiaries to find the best Part D prescription-drug program, saving beneficiaries precious health-care dollars. There is a role for everyone in our program!
Elder Care Volunteer Program

The Community Needs Your Helping Hands

Volunteers are a vital asset to the Coastal Regional Commission Area Agency on Aging. They possess knowledge, skills, and experiences that allow them to assist in nearly every area of the agency. They enhance the capabilities of CRC staff while helping to make all of our programs successful.
We can provide you with advising assistance for all your paperwork and claims.
Research has proven that volunteers live healthier, happier lives. Enjoy the benefits of volunteering today!

Find out about caregiver assistance and other programs by calling us.
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