Care Facility Transitions

Transition Properly From Hospital to Home

The transition from hospital to home can be difficult for older adults. Nearly 20% of Medicare patients who are discharged from a hospital - approximately 2.6 million seniors - are readmitted within 30 days at the cost of over $26 billion per year. Our staff believes that the answer to this problem is proper care transition.

About the Bridge Model

The Bridge Model provides education, home evaluations, patient assessments, and more. It's an evidence-based, person-centered model of transitional care led by experienced social workers. This model is the best way to provide a seamless continuum of care across settings for older adults and their caregivers.
Elder Care

Why Choose our Organization?

Our organization, Coastal Regional Commission Area Agency on Aging, has an outstanding and proven track record of success when it comes to administering care transition programs. In fact, 90% of our clients reported increased confidence in maintaining their health and an improved hospital experience due to our program.
We can provide you with advising assistance for all your paperwork and claims.
Don't forget that we can also provide caregivers with support, including respite care assistance.

Learn more about our wide range of assistance programs for seniors.
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